FarSync API for Linux now supports LabVIEW

Available when using the FarSync SDK

The FarSync API for Linux has now been extended to support LabVIEW applications/VIs. This support includes a set of LabVIEW-compatible methods and properties you can use to access FarSync ports. These are supplied as SubVIs, in extensible source form, to enable even further customisation by the user, if and when required to suit their particular application design.

Find out more about the FarSync SDK here.

An example VI (LabVIEW executable/program) is available that demonstrates how to interface to the FarSync adapters from LabVIEW and illustrates control of the FarSync ports as well as example data transfer usage.

If you have any questions about this development of using the new Linux/LabVIEW features please get in touch here.