FarSync BERT PCIe - iso Shadow

FarSync BERT PCIe goes High Speed

Now up to twice as fast with BERT PCIe HS capable of up to 20MBits/s

FarSite has introduced two new BERT PCIe products using our new FarSync K2Ee card as the base hardware. You can now choose between a standard speed BERT PCIe for speeds of up to 2MBits/s or our high speed version the FarSync BERT HS – PCIe which tests up to 20 Mbits/s on a single port and 16Mbits/s on 2 ports.

If you have been ordering the original FarSync BERT PCIe [FS4205] you now have the option of either standard [FS4204] or high speed version [FS4206] based on your target usage.

FarSync BERT PCIe Layout

As well as offering two speed variants we have reviewed the included cables with BERT PCIe. By popular request from our customers and for environmental reasons we no longer include the often unused TCX1 and TC449 cables. They can however be ordered separately if required.

If you have any question about the BERT PCIe or wish to get a quote please dont hesitate to get in touch.