How to buy — Wireline products

FarSite products can be purchased from our distributors, or in countries where there is no local distributor directly from us.

Find a local distributor

Where local distributors are listed for your country, FarSite products should be purchased from them.

For Wireline products: See our distributor list below.



For purchasing and asking questions about our products please contact FarSite:

Tel: +44 (0) 1256 330461
Email: moc.etisraf@ofni

Or you can request further information via our online form or via our online chat (see tab right during UK office hours)


You can purchase from FarSite by using a Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) or by a Company Purchase Order

Credit Card handling procedure
Company Purchase Order handling procedure

Wireline distributors

We sell our products to customers in over 110 countries.

Select a region to see the distributors list, if your speciifc country is not listed please contact FarSite directly.

Interested in becoming a distributor or reseller?

email us at moc.etisraf@selas or call +44 (0)1256 330 461