FarSync X.25 – Developers Toolkit

The FarSync X.25 Developers Toolkit provides everything the developer requires to use the X.25, XOT and ISO Transport APIs on the FarSync X.25 adapter product range


X.25 Developers Toolkit: A comprehensive Developers Toolkit for development of applications using APIs to X.25, XOT and ISO Transport on Linux and Windows, the Developers Toolkit includes:

  • Documented working sample programs for Linux and Windows, including in C, Java, Visual Basic and Delphi. Source code from these samples can be used to fast-track your development process
  • Comprehensive set of API manuals with function call definitions and helpful advice on the best way to utilise the various interfaces
  • Source code for the Linux drivers and API libraries
  • Multi-port Line Monitor and a Line Statistics application
  • Free email and telephone assistance to the application developer using the APIs

Application developers have a choice of APIs for X.25, ISO Transport. An API selector guide is provided to assist the developer in choosing the most appropriate interface for the requirement.

Sockets API – X.25, XOT – Supported on Windows and Linux

The Sockets API is extremely popular as a simple, easy to use API to access TCP/IP communications networks. The Sockets support for the FarSync X.25 adapters retains this ease of use and also allows the special features of X.25, XOT and ISO Transport classes 0 to 3 to be accessed. The Sockets API is available on both Windows and Linux for 32 and 64 bit applications.

Sockets on Windows: The FarSync Windows Sockets interface is WinSock2 compliant, it supports standard AF_ISO / ISOPROTO_X25 sockets used by a number of applications, such as MS-Exchange. It also supports an alternative address family, AF_X25, to allow easy porting of applications between Windows and Linux.

Access to XOT, X.25 and ISO Transport is available from this API.

If accessing LAPB is required for new developments see the FarSync SDK.

The FarSync Sockets API is compatible with the Microsoft defined X.25 Sockets API. Applications written to use the Microsoft X.25 Sockets API will work with the FarSync product.

Applications developed in most programming languages including Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ and .NET applications can use the Sockets API to the FarSync X.25 adapters and FarSync XOT Runtime software.

Sockets on Linux: The FarSync Sockets implementation is compatible with the BSD Sockets interface.

It is easy to convert applications written for TCP/IP to instead use X.25 as the transport mechanism. In many cases the only change required is to the parameters provided when the socket is created to reference the X.25 address family and protocol. Multi-threaded applications are supported.

Access to X.25 and XOT is available from this API.

More details on the X.25 Sockets API.

Java API – X.25, XOT- Supported on Windows and Linux

The Java API allows applications written in Core Java Software (J2SE) and Enterprise Java Software (J2EE) easy access to the functions and features of X.25 offered by the FarSync X.25 adapters.. Full documentation and sample applications are provided.

NCB API – X.25 and ISO Transport† – Supported on Windows and Linux†

A legacy API is supplied to maintain compliance with older X.25 cards, access to ISO Transport and X.25 is provided. Not recommended for new applications.