FarSync SDK
Developers Toolkit

The FarSync SDK Developers Toolkit provides everything the developer requires to use the APIs on the FarSync adapter product range


The SDK supports writing applications to use the FarSync range of products on both Linux and Windows. It contains documentation, working sample applications, user libraries and test utility applications. There is everything a user needs to rapidly develop and test a wide variety of applications using synchronous (HDLC framed) protocols, V.120, LAPB, asynchronous data or transparent bitstreams including Audio, G.704, MPEG Video T-DMB, DAB STI and DAB ETI with the bitstream encoder and decoders provided.

The SDK is intended to allow easy access to the set of hardware features offered by the various adapters in the FarSync range whilst also providing additional software encoding and decoding to supplement that provided by the hardware.

Our Engineering department provides free email and telephone assistance to application developers using the API as part of the package provided when the FarSync SDK is purchased.

This toolkit is not appropriate for the FarSync X25 range of products since they are supplied with their own specialist X.25 Toolkit already included. FarSync X25 cards can also support modes of operation as described in this page in addition to X.25.

FarSync SDK - Card examples

Technical Details

FarSync SDK supported product list
Products supported by the SDK Adapter TypeProduct Code Windows API Linux API
FarSync FlexUSBFS4100yesyes
FarSync T1UPCIFS4140yesyes
FarSync T2UPCIFS4240yesyes
FarSync T4UPCIFS4440 / FS4441yesyes
FarSync T4E+PCIFS4446yesyes
FarSync TE1PCIFS4150yesyes
FarSync TE1ePCIeFS4155yesyes
FarSync T2UePCIeFS4250yesyes
FarSync T2EePCIeFS4256yesyes
FarSync K2EePCIeFS4266yesyes
FarSync T4UePCIeFS4450 / FS4451yesyes
FarSync T4EePCIeFS4456yesyes
FarSync T2U-PMCPMCFS4280 / FS4281yesyes

Order Information

FarSync SDK - Order Information
Product NameDescription Product Code
FarSync SDK Linux and Windows Developers Toolkit for the FarSync adapters - this is required if you want to write software to use the FarSync adapter APIs.

Note: This toolkit is not suitable for the FarSync X25 range of products or the FarLinX Gateways, they are supplied with their own toolkit.