FarSite Customer Support

There are a number of ways questions / problems can be reported, we will do our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Three ways to get in touch:

  • Online support form

    Visit the online support section to view support documentation or report a fault using the online form Report a problem or send a technical question.

  • Email

    Send an email to: moc.etisraf@troppus
    See our notes on what information to include

  • Telephone

    If the issue is urgent contact our Customer
    Support department by telephone. +44 (0) 1256 330461
    (ask for the Support Department)

If you are getting in touch about an issue, please have the following information available as a minimum:

  • Details of the question or problem
  • The product name and its revision level
  • If it is a problem, the date it last occurred and the relative frequency
  • The Operating System type, version and patch level (unless it is a FarLinX product )
  • Date the product was purchased
  • The Name of the Company that supplied you with the product
  • If you do not provide the information listed above in your initial enquiry it will delay the support process as you will be asked for this information before technical support can be given to you.

Software Downloads

The latest software updates for your FarSite product