FarSync Flex X25

The FarSync Flex X.25 USB adapter has been developed to provide high performance X.25 communications for Linux and Windows systems.

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The FarSync Flex X.25 adapter is a high quality X.25 solution for business, government and military applications, it has been developed to provide high performance, versatile X.25 connectivity for Linux and Windows systems.

The bus powered V3 version of the USB adapter will support an X.25 line at speeds of up to 2.048 Mbits/s. The highly flexible universal network connector supports RS232, X.21, RS422, RS530, RS449 and V.35 network interfaces. Line signal encoding modes NRZ, NRZI, FM0, FM1, Manchester Encoding or Conditioned Diphase can be used.

Product details

The intelligent FarSync Flex X.25 has been designed for easy installation and to provide high performance in a variety of environments. The Flex adapter uses an ARM processors with Flash for the on board code.

  • 254 simultaneous SVC and PVC virtual connections or 4095 per port using the High Capacity Pack
  • XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) support available as an option on Linux
  • Over 2,000 X.25 packets per second
  • Line speeds of up to 2.048 Mbits/s
  • Network interfaces for X.21 (V.11), V.35, RS232, RS449 and RS530 (EIA530, RS422)
  • Line signal modes NRZ, NRZI, FM0, FM1, Manchester Encoding or Conditioned Diphase up to 2.048 Mbits/s
  • USB 2.0 high-speed mode (480mb/s) USB 3 and USB 1.1 compatible
  • High efficiency, USB Bus powered, energy saving design
  • Internal and external line clocking
  • Dual bank flash for secure in field upgrades and previous system restore capability
  • Optional mounting brackets

Order Information

The X.25 software firmware, drivers, utilities and the X.25 Developers Toolkit are all included with the FarSync adapter. Line cables are ordered separately.

The software and documentation is downloaded from this website using a code supplied with the FarSync X25 adapter, it includes:

  • Drivers for Linux and Windows.
  • Numerous example applications with source code
  • Documentation for all the APIs in Adobe PDF format
  • Source code for Linux drivers and API Libraries
  • Network monitor and various useful utility programs
  • USB connected products include a USB-F cable

New releases of the software with enhancements and fixes are made available for free download from the Download page in the Support section of this web site.