FarSync K2Ee 2 port PCIe card

First K Series card the K2Ee to be released Q1 2023

NEW fully compatible K series cards will gradually be introduced to provide a future proof option from the current the T series cards.

With demand increasing for FarSite’s Wan Adapters and X.25 cards the future security of the product range is of the upmost importance to our customers. The company has invested in the future of the FarSync products with continued development work and we will gradually release the new k series cards into the market allowing customers to transition across from the current T-Series cards.

There will be 100% functional compatibility between equivalent T and K series cards. This has been a key redesign principle to ensure customers can easily switch over to the latest series.

The first K series card to be released in Q1 2023 will be the FarSync K2Ee which will act as the replacement for the popular FarSync T2Ee.

If you are interested in using the FarSync K2Ee please download the new datasheet below and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. If you are interested in Beta testing our card we are allowing early release to interested parties.

We will publish another news post announcing the K2Ee’s full release next year.