FarSync BERT calibration settings

Version 4.1.0, a new release of software for the FarSync BERT Tester product range

Updated versions of software for the FarSync BERT range of products are now available for the FarSync BERT Tester-USB, FarSync BERT HS Tester-USB and FarSync BERT Tester-PCIe products. The new features include:

  • Major improvements to the handling of customer specified test patterns including: user patterns up to 64Mb, no byte alignment requirement for test patterns, improved performance in the handling of larger patterns
  • More sample applications for using the BERT API which now includes apps written in: Python, C# and VBS as well as LabVIEW
  • Improved handling of multiple instances of FarSync BERT (for multiple lines under test) when using the BERT GUI or BERT API
  • Support added for the control of DTR and RTS signals on test commencement and the toggling of these lines during a test. Control is also available through the BERT API
  • Improved accuracy of PRBS error count rates
  • Correction to the test length used when the LENGTH value is configured in the range 10^4..10^8
  • Increased resolution in BertClient’s command line output – now in E notation
  • Support for time-limited tests of more than 504 seconds
  • Support added for the handling of custom clocking rates
  • Plus other bug fixes

Recent purchasers of the FarSync BERT and those with a maintenance contract will be able to request a free upgrade. Other owners of FarSync BERT products can upgrade for a fee. For further information contact us. The new version request form can be found here.