Troubleshooting guide:

Troubleshooting Guide – FarSync X25 T-Series – Linux


This guide is suitable for the FarSync X25 T-Series products for Linux. Where actions are version specific, this is noted in the action. If you find the guide has helped solve your problem then please let us know; also, if you have some suggestions for improving the guide we will be pleased to hear from you, just send an email to moc.etisraf@troppus.


Line activation problems
Call establishment problems
Data transfer problems

Installation / Loading

Troubleshooting Linux Issues
Problem SymptomPossible Cause(s)Action
The FarSync Adapter driver will not startThe slot is which the FarSync T-Series adapter has been installed is damaged.Try installing the adapter in another slot.

It may also be advisable to uninstall and reinstall the FarSync software with the card in its new location.
The adapter is not making good electrical contact with the PCI slot.Make sure that the contacts are clean. If necessary, also try installing the adapter in another slot.
The FarSync driver files are somehow corrupted or missing.Uninstall and reinstall the FarSync software.
The software has not been installed correctlySee further details checking the installation.
The FarSync T-Series adapter is faulty.adapter is unlikely to be faulty. Try downloading and running the FarSync T-Series card test software to check the card (requires DOS). If, however, you do believe it to be faulty please return the adapter to FarSite for repair or replacement.
The original CD-ROM supplied with the product cannot be read without errorsThe FarSync product CD-ROM has become damaged or the CD reader being used is out of alignment or faulty.Download the drivers from the FarSite web site, see Software Downloads