Product activation for the FarSync XOT Runtime for Linux by email

The FarSync XOT Runtime product requires activation, otherwise it can only be used for a limited time (15 days) after installation. We recommend activation soon after installation.

Submitting Activation Request:

To activate the FarSync XOT Runtime product, you will require the Licence Number supplied with the product at the time the product was purchased.

Run: fsactxot entering your Licence Number when prompted (or on the command line). This should generate a licensing object file for you to forward to FarSite Communications Ltd. to initiate the activation request.

Send an email to attaching the licensing object file produced in your current working directory as a result of running the product activation program – FarSite will email a reply to you with the activation file as an attachment.

You should then copy the activation file to a convenient directory and set the current working directory to that containing the activation file.

Run: fsactxot

The activation process is then complete.
If activation is not successful contact our Support group.