Product activation for the FarSync XOT Runtime for Linux by email

The FarSync XOT Runtime product requires activation, otherwise it can only be used for a limited time (15 days) after installation. We recommend activation soon after installation.

Submitting Activation Request:

To activate the FarSync XOT Runtime product, you will require the Licence Number supplied with the product at the time the product was purchased.

Run: fsactxot entering your Licence Number when prompted (or on the command line). This should generate a licensing object file for you to forward to FarSite Communications Ltd. to initiate the activation request.

Send an email to moc.etisraf@snoitavitca attaching the licensing object file produced in your current working directory as a result of running the product activation program – FarSite will email a reply to you with the activation file as an attachment.

You should then copy the activation file to a convenient directory and set the current working directory to that containing the activation file.

Run: fsactxot

The activation process is then complete.
If activation is not successful contact our Support group.