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New FarSync Device Software

New FarSync Device Software for Windows

Software Identification Code: AC0315C-01
Software: FarSync Device Software
Operating System: Windows

This release is for all current FarSync adapter types. USB, PCIe, PCI and PMC interface devices are supported.

Right-click each file below and use Save Link As… to download the file.

Run each installer in turn and follow the instructions provided in each one.

FarSync Device Drivers

File description for FarSync Device Drivers

FarSync Line Monitor

File description for FarSync Line Monitor

FarSync Device Software for Linux

Software Identification Code: AA0723C-01
Software: FarSync Software
Operating System: Linux

Due to the frequent updates in Linux distributions, in addition to downloading the full product software set listed below, also visit our software update pages as shown in Step 2.

Step 1 – the full product software set

Right-click each file below and use Save As… to download the file.

For .tar.gz files, locate the downloaded tar.gz file in a command shell and use the following command to extract the contents

tar -zxvf farsync_2.3.6.tar.gz

Once extracted follow the instructions in the install.html file at the top level.

Step 2 – check if there are any updates and patches for the product you have purchased
Download software updates


FarSync Drivers for Linux 2.3.6 software and resources

Readme file for this release of the software

Readme file for this release of the software