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FarSync Device Software

FarSync Drivers for Linux V4.0.0

Software Identification Code: AC1218C-01

The FarSync Drivers for Linux software support the FarSync range of PCI
cards, PCI Express cards and USB devices that provide connectivity with
synchronous serial data communications lines.

This includes support for the following cards/devices:

. FarSync T2U-PMC
. FarSync TE1e
. FarSync Flex
. FarSync T2Ue
. FarSync T4Ue
. FarSync T2Ee

The FarSync K2Ee card requires the V5 driver available here

V4.0.0 is a major release with fixes and enhancements to the previous
version (farsync-2.3.6-b307) as listed in the Readme file available below.

Please note that as of release 4.0.0, the following support is being deprecated:

. WAN-mode
. 32-bit support
. Network script support
. RAW API mode

These features are no longer supported in the subsequent major release (5.0.0) of the FarSync Drivers for Linux.

The V4 drivers support Linux kernel versions <= 5.19. For later kernel versions, the V5 drivers (or later) should be used.

Please note that FarSite can still offer maintenance and support for the Release 4.0.0 drivers for existing customers.

If you require support for any of these features, please contact moc.etisraf@troppus to discuss this further.

To install this release:

Right-click each file below and use Save As… to download the file.

For .tar.gz files, locate the downloaded tar.gz file in a command shell and use the following command to extract the contents

tar -zxvf farsync_4.0.0-b408.tar.gz

Once extracted follow the instructions in the install.html file at the top level.


FarSync Drivers for Linux 4.0.0 software and resources

Readme file for this release of the software

Readme file for this release of the software