New HUB version brings useful features to netBin’s global users

Version 1.4.5 of the netBin HUB includes increased functionality, improved resilience and increased usability


Thanks to the hard work of our development team we are pleased to announce the full release of the netBin HUB 1.4.5. Driving our development is the feedback from live projects, innovation ides from within the team and fixing any known bugs.

A full description of the new features can be found here.

Some of the new key features you can utilise in 1.4.5

Sensor less bins integrated into netBin

Bins without sensors fitted (dumb bins) can now be collected alongside bins with nPod sensors (smart bins) and their required collection frequency configured. This means collection routes can be automatically generated for just dumb bins, or a mixture of smart and dumb bins or just smart bins as before.

This greatly simplifies transition from a network of dumb bins to a smart bin network as the whole of the bin network can be configured on the netBin system from the start and collection routes dynamically created for all bins whilst the move from dumb to smart bins is made over time.

Automatic fallback for smart bins with connection failures

Smart bins where the sensor stops connecting due to for example a cellular network fault can optionally automatically switched to use it’s predicated fill rate so that the bin can continue to be collected using fill information from it’s fill rate history until the problem is rectified. This means that a bin does not get ignored or over collected due to an unchanging fill level.

The automatically generated collection routes will reset the bin level to empty once that scheduled route has been run. When the nPod is able to connect again the predicted fill levels are automatically stopped and the actual fill levels reading used again.

The fill level is shown as estimated on the bin information page and displayed in red on the bin list page if no recent connection has occurred.

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About FarSite Communications

FarSite is the developer of the smart city focused netBin waste monitoring product suite and has also developed wide variety of data communication products and services for the business sector. These products include Gateways and M2M / IoT products, supplied through a global network of distributors, with products shipped to over 100 countries.

The company is based in Basingstoke UK and can boast export sales to a highly prestigious international client list. These include some of the world’s leading names in the banking, government, aerospace, military and retail communications sectors.

FarSite is a past winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade category

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