Government funding for netBin

Government Funding for netBin

Modernise and innovate your street scene with fill level monitoring technology

Governement funding for netBin

Government funding is here, but what for?…

Litter is a prominent eyesore in the streets of the UK and is made worse by missed pickups, overflowing bins and poorly distributed litterbins. Often the public are faced with only a few options; throw litter on top of a full bin, take it home or drop it on the ground.

Technology and innovation is key to tackling the problem

The government has highlighted its commitment to tackle littering and reduce street cleaning costs for council’s around the country through innovation and technology. Almost £500,000 in government funding will be available for local projects combating littering in the UK with new innovative and creative solutions such as netBin. Applications will be open up until November 17th 2017, please get in touch for assistance.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton, said:

“Innovation is vital if we are to change the behaviour of the minority of people who still think it is OK to drop their rubbish on the ground for someone else to pick up.”

“Keep Britain Tidy’s Centre for Social Innovation was created to develop and test new approaches to behaviour change and we are delighted to see the Government has recognised the importance of innovation to tackle the blight of littering in our country.”

How netBin will reduce litter and clean up the streets

Our litter bin monitoring solution enables collectors to more efficiently manage waste collections thus both reducing the need, and providing more time and resources, for litter picking.  This is achieved with nPods (bin sensors) that monitor bin fill levels in real time. When bins become full the system can text or email the necessary people to arrange collection. Our innovative management platform enables forecasting and optimised routing for collectors to ensure bins rarely overflow and that pickup schedules reflect the bins’ actual behaviour.

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About FarSite Communications

FarSite is the developer of the smart city focused netBin waste monitoring product suite and has also developed wide variety of data communication products and services for the business sector. These products include Gateways and M2M / IoT products, supplied through a global network of distributors, with products shipped to over 100 countries.

The company is based in Basingstoke UK and Guangzhou, China and can boast export sales to a highly prestigious international client list. These include some of the world’s leading names in the banking, government, aerospace, military and retail communications sectors.

FarSite is a past winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade category

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