netBin partner with Egbert Taylor Group

Egbert Taylor Group choose netBin

Egbert Taylor Group has selected netBin as their fill level monitoring partner

The world renowned Egbert Taylor Group (who manufacture 4 Wheeled Metal Bins) specialises in providing 360 degree waste solutions in the UK, Europe and Middle East. This exciting new partnership brings the netBin smart waste monitoring and management solution in as a key part of their waste technology platform. netBin sensors can be retro fitted to existing waste containers and are already being deployed into new smart waste projects across the waste sector.

From individual containers’ fill level and location to their temperature and usage statistics, netBin provides its users with full visibility over an entire fleet, regardless of the bin, container type or size. It can also play a key role in preventing misuse, reducing risks such as fires and ensuring that traditional bins never become overfull and are only emptied when full, increasing the efficiency of waste handling fleets. netBin can integrate with existing fleet management packages.


netBin Egbert Taylor Group

On welcoming netBin and developing Egbert Taylor Group’s technology-based proposition its CEO, Brendan Murphy, stated:

“The world of waste has irrevocably changed and there are now more ways in which technology can have a long-lasting and positive impact on the process of waste collection and management.

As part of Egbert Taylor Group’s commitment to delivering a 360-degree approach to waste collection, we want to be the best at integrating technology within traditional products to deliver efficiencies. To achieve this, collaboration is key and we are open to establishing meaningful partnerships with those who can provide added value and who feel that they could create value from working with us.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the waste industry and we’re committed to playing a role in shaping the waste collection techniques and practices of the future.”

Steve Scott, Chairman at FarSite Communications, adds:

“The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly important with regards to improving business efficiency. Whilst the digital age of connecting things is still in its infancy, Egbert Taylor Group has been quick to establish that the value generated when combining traditional containers with new technology is greater than the sum of its parts. Being able to take any container, from traditional bins to textile banks, and make them intelligent waste assets is a huge step forward for the waste industry and we look forward to sharing Egbert Taylor Group’s vision going forwards.”

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About FarSite Communications

FarSite is the developer of the smart city focused netBin waste monitoring product suite and has also developed wide variety of data communication products and services for the business sector. These products include Gateways and M2M / IoT products, supplied through a global network of distributors, with products shipped to over 100 countries.

The company is based in Basingstoke UK and Guangzhou, China and can boast export sales to a highly prestigious international client list. These include some of the world’s leading names in the banking, government, aerospace, military and retail communications sectors.

FarSite is a past winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade category

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