The NEW Feature-rich nPod

We are delighted to announce the arrival of netBin’s newest “nPod” fill level sensor.

The innovative design features throughout the nPod enables class leading flexibility when mounting the device in all manner of enclosures and difficult to monitor places.

At FarSite we know that remote fill level monitoring is only useful when the sensors are positioned optimally with consistently accurate readings being reported. The innovative nPod can also be mounted on the side wall of many containers ensuring the device avoids rubbish flow and is mounted onto the most durable parts of the bin.

Not only does the variable dual ultrasonic design increase the performance of the device but removes the necessity to fit multiple obstructing mounting plates. Installation of the nPod is quick and easy using two tamper proof M6 stainless bolts, ultrasonic sensors are simply aimed at the optimum part of the container then securely locked into place. Impacts and knocks will not change the locked in position and the highly impact resilient ABS Polycarbonate will protect the advanced electronics inside. Farsite has applied for patents on this innovative variable angle dual ultrasonic design.

Developed in conjunction with a world leader in bin design we know our rugged intelligent nPod will stand up to the harshest environments for years to come. Tested in multiple bin types through a range of temperatures the nPod consistently performs with accuracy. The matte black finish helps the nPod blend into the background and remain inconspicuous to bin users.

For more information on the nPod click here.