IoT Website launched by FarSite

Welcome to FarSite’s new IoT Website

The internet of things has arrived and so has FarSite Communications new IoT website. The internet of things is a very exciting new market, technology will now allow for some of the everyday tasks in life to be streamlined and more efficient than before. FarSite’s first IoT product is a perfect example of this, a bin fill level monitoring system that determines and displays the real-time fill level of the bins.

Servicing of commercial bins has been traditionally based on guesswork and assumed fill rates. netBin turns your regular waste or recycling bin into a smartbin which measures and reports it’s status back to the head office. This means that servicing of bins can now be based on reported facts, this will make the maintenance of bin networks easier, less time-consuming and save a significant amount of money. special features also include fire detection alerts sent by text or email to area managers. Tilt detection which will identify if bins a knocked over if lids are left open. GPS option enables trackability of your expensive bin network combating bin theft.

Coming very soon to FarSite’s IoT website will be our netKits range which provides tried and tested components for development of your own IoT solutions. If you have a keen interest in using our IoT components then please get in touch through our contact page.

We hope that our new website is simple to use, provides all the information you need and can ultimately illustrate the clear benefits of netBin and our new upcoming IoT solutions.

We would also like to thank Puree Design for helping us design & develop this fantastic website, as well as designing our branding, and the software interface for our IoT applications. Have a look at their website to see what they could do for you.

Designers of FarSite's IoT wesbite